In its second edition, BeyMUN gathered hundreds of university students at the American University of Beirut, all eager to debate pressing issues that are most relevant to their generation. With the theme “Millennials at a Crossroad: Facing the Challenges of a Changing World Order” at the center of last year’s conference, BeyMUN 2017 was the perfect stage for both newcomers and seasoned debaters alike to flex their muscles. In fact, the topics discussed in each of the four different committees catered to the delegates’ varying spectrum of experiences and interests, whether they be related to the economy, health, or security. Not to mention, with the Queen of England gracefully charging into the Crisis Committee, handfuls of taxi drivers barging in in the midst of an ECOSOC committee session, President Donald Trump taking time out of his packed day to address the first General Assembly DISEC, and an alarming terrorist biological attack jolting the WHO and spurring its delegates into action, BeyMUN 2017 was packed full of surprises and surely one for the books.