Meet The team


Fadi Kanaan - Secretary General

Fadi Kanaan is an undergraduate senior majoring in Business Administration at the American University of Beirut. Born in Doha Qatar, Fadi is a Lebanese Palestinian brought up in numerous countries including, Qatar, Greece and Morocco. Throughout his high school years, he was an active member of the MUN club, and attended, organized and chaired several conferences worldwide including MAMUN in Morocco, RCIMUN in Istanbul, BIMUN in Budapest and SAIMUN in Ireland. Since the beginning of his journey here at AUB, Fadi has been engaged in the very foundation of BEYMUN, taking on the roles of a team member, team leader and assistant-chair in its first edition. In its second year, he took on the responsibility of the Under-Secretary General of Faculty & Delegate Relations, giving him a thorough understanding of the importance of communication and interpersonal skills required for the success of a startup conference. Two years later, he holds the eminent leading role of Secretary General of this international conference, and cannot wait to deliver what will be the most memorable experience to all BEYMUN 2018 delegates.

Fadi also enjoys a wide variety of sports and fitness activities, as well managing and executing his own personal projects.


Yara-Maria Khalifeh - Director General

Yara is currently a junior student studying Civil and Environmental Engineering at AUB. Passionate about MUN, she took part in several conferences hosted in Lebanon and abroad. Her latest MUN experience was the 2017 NMUN Conference at the end of which her delegation won the Outstanding Delegation Award. The Committee she relishes to simulate is DISEC and her favorite debating topics relate to nuclear weapons and nuclear disarmament. She also enjoys volunteering work and doesn’t like to let a college break go by without helping her community out. She volunteered at Red Cross Jounieh, participated in all the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) volunteering camps and was one of the organizers of their 2017 Summer Camp. Yara plans on taking full advantage of her position as Director General in order to help BEYMUN reach its full potential and unprecedented echelons, raising the bar past previous and standard levels. 


Pamela Rizkallah - Under-Secretary General of Committees

Pamela Rizkallah is an Electrical and Computer Engineering senior, pursuing a track in Control and Robotics at the American University of Beirut (AUB). In addition to her involvement in Model United Nations in high school, Pamela was part of the BEYMUN 2017 team and served as the chair of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). This experience, alongside other leadership programs she took part in at Harvard University and other institutions over the years, honed her diverse skillset which will be instrumental in fulfilling her role as the Under-Secretary-General of Committees in BEYMUN 2018. She is excited to actively participate alongside the rest of this year’s secretariat in furthering the growth and flourishment of BEYMUN. Pamela cannot wait to deliver to the delegates what will surely be an exceptional conference, especially in terms of its content and material.

Aside from her love for MUN and world politics, Pamela is particularly interested in the influences new technologies have on public policy, and hopes to pursue a legal career in that domain after completing her Bachelor’s Degree.


Karl Daniel - Under-Secretary General of Faculty and Delegate Relations

Karl Daniel is a senior at the American University of Beirut (AUB) studying Environmental Health, a passion of his since a young age. He was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates and lived in an international surrounding, engulfed in different cultures and environments of education. He first got involved in MUN in his Sophomore Year of University. He was part of AUB’s 2017 NMUN delegation that represented the university in New York City, where they received the Outstanding Delegation Award. Aside from his love for MUN, Karl has been a member of many clubs, has volunteered and helped raise money for charities, such as Medical Mission for Children, Saint Jude Cancer Research, etc. He’s a very outgoing person who enjoys meeting new people and enjoys a variety of video games and anime.

Karl is looking forward to fulfilling his role as the USG of Faculty and Delegate Relations for BEYMUN and can’t wait to meet and greet the delegates participating in BEYMUN 2018.  


Nadine Naboulsi - Under-Secretary General of Marketing and Design

Nadine Naboulsi is an undergraduate Civil Engineering student at the American University of Beirut. Nadine first participated in MUN conferences during high school and has ever since developed an interest in global politics.

During her college years, she was part of the AUB Outdoors PR team and worked with professionals, including TV Channels and international public figures, in the domain of marketing. She is also an active cabinet member at the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Working under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Advisors, she has helped develop several innovative projects and events, allowing her to gain professional PR and marketing experience.

Also, Nadine had previously volunteered in several Lebanese NGOs. Some of her interests include cultural exploration, traveling and writing food blogs. 


Hassan Ismail - Under-Secretary General of Logistics and Operations

Hassan Ismail is an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student at AUB. Hassan spent a large part of his life in Nigeria before graduating with an International Baccalaureate Diploma from International College. He had some interest in MUN back in high school, but really thrived to his potential during his years at AUB where he attended several conferences. He’s also been an active subcabinet member in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, as well as part of the Sponsorship Team for the second edition of the conference, BeyMUN 2017. 

Hassan’s work experience includes occupying positions on the Riyadh Metro Project, a large project from a logistical and coordination standpoint, as well as working under the supervisors of the Prime Minister on the Summer of Innovation initiative to make Lebanon a Global Innovation Hub. He has also volunteered at the Brave Heart Fund and has a keen interest in politics and modern history. 


Seema Lauren Halabi Under-Secretary General of Finance and Fundraising

Seema Lauren Halabi is an undergraduate senior at the American University of Beirut majoring in Environmental Health and minoring in Public Health and Business. She has a passion for organizing a wide range of events with hopes of giving back to society. As such, she has taken part of several clubs and organizations throughout her high school and university life. 

Throughout her years at AUB, Seema was mainly involved in AIESEC and The Drama Club. Her biggest achievement in AIESEC, a non-profit organization, was partaking in the organizing committee of an international conference. Over the years, her involvement in AIESEC advanced her leadership and communication skills, enabling her to develop a global network. She was also given the opportunity to volunteer abroad in Vietnam as a lecturer. Being introduced to people from all over the world established her love of traveling. 

Her passion for organizing events led her to being part of various theatrical productions as well. Understanding the framework of the drama world, she took on the opportunity to direct her own play in 2016. Seema has also been involved in various sports teams throughout her life such as the volleyball team and soccer team in high school as well as the rugby league at AUB. 

Her love of organizing and giving back to the community drove her to join the BEYMUN 2018 Secretariat as the Under-Secretary General of Finance & Fundraising.