Who We Are


The Beirut International Model United Nations is an annual conference held at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon during spring. Centered around a different theme each year, BEYMUN gives its prospective delegates a chance to engage in high-level debates tackling pressing and relevant topics. With the diversity of committees simulated, students can choose to participate in the committee fitting the most their preferences and debating level.

The BEYMUN Secretariat and Organizing Teams are committed to go to greater heights in order to deliver an outstanding and unforgettable BEYMUN experience! With universities attending from all around the world and from Lebanon, BEYMUN is at the forefront of such student-run events in the region.

In addition to the three-day conference, two social events will be held, giving delegates the opportunity to get to know each other outside rules of procedure, as well as enjoy the world-renowned Lebanese night-life.

Engaging committees, a roster of distinguished speakers, social events and so much more await the delegates of BEYMUN!


Theme & Initiative

This year’s conference will revolve around the theme “Take Action, Initiate Change”. This theme is meant to engage participating delegates to be proactive on the issues our world is facing today. BEYMUN wants to inspire students to spearhead change by encouraging them to be the instigators of reforming initiatives.

In line with the theme, BEYMUN is leading the way in taking action with such initiatives by implementing the BEYMUN Community Outreach Program. The mission of this program is to respond to the needs of our society through diverse volunteering events tackling the necessities of different communities across Lebanon.

BEYMUN is aiming to raise awareness about multiple issues by providing exposure throughout the year to various organizations and offering students the opportunity to participate in events related to educational, cultural, social, environmental and humanitarian issues.

Stay tuned all year long for updates on our volunteering events, more information on the organizations we will be supporting, and how you can help making a difference!